Friday, October 7, 2016

Addy went to Rainbow River State Park on Sunday, September 25 to escape the hot sun and practice her swimming skills. She tried swimming with and without the life jacket, but found that she prefers all 4 paws on the ground. For now. She's got great webbing between her toes. We'll continue to work on swimming. This pup MUST be a water dog!
In early September my fiance and I adopted an energetic, lovable lug of a black lab mix who we named Addy. She was 6 months old and being fostered with a few other pups, living under the pseudonym "Cody," which we found a bit too masculine. She took to her new name right away!

Being new to the Florida dog scene we have been on a mission to find dog-friendly places for her to enjoy with us on the weekends.  So far so good! This pupper dog has experienced numerous restaurants, parks, springs, and beaches all around Florida.  We wanted to share her adventures in the hopes that other dog lovers can enjoy these places and help us discover more!